Saint Tikhon Parish Supports a Mission Priest in Kenya

Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) is a development program of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center that offers monthly financial assistance to indigenous priests in extremely poor areas around the world. Through SAMP donations, the priest is able to apply himself more fully to the needs of the parish, and hierarchs are able to ordain more clergy to meet the growing needs of their flock.

Individuals or groups in the United States and Canada pledge to give $600.00 annually to support a priest, deacon, or catechist. Donations will be forwarded to one of the 18 countries OCMC is serving through the SAMP Program. Partial-year donations are gratefully appreciated as well. Those who choose to make a $600 commitment may make donations on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Those who support a priest for a fully year will receive a picture and biography of a priest which includes information about his calling to the Orthodox faith and the history of Orthodoxy in his country.

Our parish participates and gives support to Fr. Titos Parmuat- married Kenyan priest of Maasai (tribe) origin. He is a young, hardworking, and humble priest serving two parishes at the moment. These parishes are St. John Chrysostom, Enkariak Ronkena (a semi-permanent tin roof Church). Due to the increased number of orphans in the area, Fr. Titos initiated an orphanage, where they now also an official school program for all the children. Some of the poor families surrounding the orphanage have also incorporated their children in the program for them to attain education as well as to be fed.

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